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A DC Transformer is generally utilized for low-voltage electronics and converts AC current into DC current.  DC transformers are extremely commonplace and there are a DC Transformermyriad of DC Transformer cubes attached to appliances around your own home right at this moment. 

A DC Transformer produces a low-voltage DC current (3 - 12 v.), which raises the question of why is DC current is necessary for these low-voltage electronics?  The reason is that most electronics require low-voltage DC current.  Rechargeable batteries also store DC current and small DC motors run directly from batteries. All of these reason make the DC Transformer one of the most visible transformers in our day to day lives.

Another type of transformer that can be considered a DC Transformer would be the  isolation transformer.  This type of transformer utilizes an electrostatic shield and is primarily used for sensitive equipment like computers and laboratory devices.  What an isolation transformer accomplishes is the successful blockage of DC signal transfer between circuits while allowing AC signals to pass.  Isolation transformers are also excellent at blocking interference from ground loops.

TEMCo, a power source industry leader with over 40+ years of industry experience, carries a wide range of quality Isolation transformers.  TEMCo carries brand names that are easily recognizable, from highly regarded  manufacturers like Sola, GE Industrial, Marcus, and Acme, just to name just a few.  With capacity ranging from 0.05kva  - 5000kva, you are sure to find the perfect isolation transformer to meet your power source requirements.  Let TEMCo help you discover the best transformer for your DC Transformer needs.

TEMCo carries thousands of transformer and power source products.  However, when it comes to isolation transformers, several of TEMCo's most popular 60Hz models are highlighted below:

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Still have questions about DC transformers?  The TEMCo team is standing by to serve you!  TEMCo carries a comprehensive, complete, line of DC transformers at the most competitive prices.  TEMCo always offer expedited shipping at the lowest rates.  There is really no reason to call anyone else.  So, for the best pricing on DC transformers, give the team at TEMCo a call today!  1-510-490-2187 or 1-800-613-2290

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DC Transformer


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