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A Medium Voltage Transformer is a transformer which can be directly connected to a primary distribution circuit. Generally, a Medium Voltage Transformer has the most Medium Voltage Transformerload diversity  and is offered in a wide range of configurations, including dry type and liquid filled.  Letís explore these two, popular, types of medium voltage transformers in greater detail.

One type of Medium Voltage Transformer is the dry type transformer.  The dry type transformer is often found utilized in industrial applications.  One benefit of the dry type transformer is that they can easily be installed close to the load which eliminates running costly cables, making the dry type of transformer very economical.  Other areas of cost savings the dry type transformer offers include low maintenance and operating costs.  A dry type transformer is an economical choice for a Medium Voltage Transformer that will not sacrifice reliability and quality.

Another type of Medium Voltage Transformer is the liquid filled transformer.  The liquid filled transformer is often found utilized in industrial and commercial settings.  The liquid filled transformer is available in a pad-mounted or sub station styles.  For under ground service and public access, a pad-mount is desirable.  For industrial applications, the sub station line up is appropriate for stand alone or close-coupling to switchgear, which can complete a sub station line up.  High fire point fluids (indoor use) and outdoor mineral oil designs are available for both types.

If youíre looking for a quality Medium Voltage Transformer, TEMCo carries a comprehensive, complete, line.  One popular medium voltage transformer line TEMCo carries is from Acme.  For 91 years Acme has been providing high quality power source products and is a leader in the dry type, medium voltage transformer industry.  Several of their popular models are listed below:

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Medium Voltage Transformer specialists are always available to offer you clear, concise, unbiased, information about medium voltage transformers and/or to answer any questions you may have.  

Medium voltage transformer specialists are part of the team at TEMCo.  TEMCo has been a highly respected, long-standing, power source leader since 1968.  The team at TEMCo is highly skilled and fully trained on all aspects of medium voltage transformers. 

TEMCo carries a broad line of medium voltage transformers at the very best prices.  All TEMCo products are shipped expeditiously at the best rates.  For the best deal on medium voltage transformers, give TEMCo a call today!  1-510-490-2187 or 1-800-613-2290

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