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Used TransformerIf you’re in the market  for a Used Transformer, you have reached the right location!  TEMco offers a broad range of used transformers which have been remanufactured and/or reconditioned, enabling TEMCo to pass significant cost savings on to you!  These used transformers are given a completely new life when they come into TEMCo and offer the same benefits as their newer counterparts.  

The process of reconditioning a Used Transformer includes an extremely thorough visual inspection, clean up, and extensive testing to ensure the each unit meets TEMCo’s rigorous requirements for quality and dependability.  When the Used Transformer has met and/or exceeded TEMCo’s stringent quality standards, it is given the “TEMCo” seal of approval and is offered for sale.  All TEMCo transformers are backed by quality warranties so you can rest assured your Used Transformer will be ready and working for you when you need it.

TEMCo offers a wide variety of used transformers in just about every different type of transformer available.  Just a few of those different types of transformers are highlighted in greater detail below: 

Do you have more questions about the purchase of a Used Transformer?  TEMCo Call our Voltage Transformer Specialists at 1-510-490-2187 or 1-800-613-2290is always just a quick phone call away and ready to help you!  From manufacturing to distribution, TEMCo has been a power source leader since 1968. 

When it comes to the purchase of a Used Transformer, our team of used transformer specialists are available to answer any questions and to always offer the best pricing on used transformers.   With TEMCo, fast shipping at the lowest rates is just the way we do business.  For your best pricing on used transformers, give the team at TEMCo a call today!    1-510-490-2187 or 1-800-613-2290

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Used Transformer


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